Stellar Partners is a single family office investor founded by a successful Singaporean serial entrepreneur in January 2015. Stellar's investment strategies focus on deploying capital in opportunities across Real Estate and Technology (I.T and Fintech) Companies.

Shenzhen Fintechstar Co.,Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Startech Asset Co.,Ltd.

Fintechstar is a global Internet finance technology service provider focusing on financial platform developments,custom-made mobile clients, financial system platform deployments,optimizations and network solutions (International)etc.

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With a core focus on global real estate market and rising fintech industries, we seek to achieve superior returns through a fundamental value-driven investment approach.

The investment philosophy at Stellar is derived from the extensive experience of its management team members. With a core focus on global real estate market and rising fintech industries, we seek to achieve superior returns through a fundamental value-driven investment approach.

We seek to add value at each stage in the investment process. We applied a "top down" approach first with a fundamental macroeconomic outlook of the global market landscape. We then apply optimized asset allocation framework, which targets undervalued markets expected to outperform for a given level of risk, consistent with investment objectives.

The "bottom up" approach is contributed with good asset selection, active deal sourcing, relationship building and persistent management which are fundamental drivers of investment performance.

We believe that value of our investment can be greatly appreciated after purchase if we identify a certain number of changes and opportunities in their internal or external environment.

We strive to maximize these opportunities to generate superior returns.

Non-executive Chairman: Yew Kiat Phang

Founder and Vice-Chairman: Ben Soh

Managing Director: Thomas Chao

CEO: David Wang

Advisor: Chung Hang Yau

Yew Kiat Phang

Non-executive Chairman

Mr. Yew Kiat Phang has been the Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of Credit China Holdings Limited. Mr. Phang has over 17 years of experience in banking industry and had served at senior management position at various banks. He previously served as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer at China Bohai Bank Co., Ltd., and also served as its Head of Consumer Bank. Mr. Phang served as the General Manager, SME business for Singapore and Malaysia of Standard Chartered Bank, and served as the Principal Director of Standard Chartered Private Bank. He has been co-chairman of Deauville Private Office for Asia-Pacific Region.

Mr. Phang has a Master of Business and Administration degree in International Business from University of Bristol, and he received a Bachelor’s degree in Microelectronic Systems Engineering from University of Manchester.

Ben Soh

Founder and Vice-Chairman

Mr. Soh is the founder and executive chairman of Stellar Partners. Mr. Soh is instrumental in establishing the overall investment philosophy and investment criteria of the firm with his years of experience and global world view.

Prior to establishing Stellar Partners, Mr. Soh was a successful serial entrepreneur and investor with more than 10 years of experience across many industries. Mr. Soh is the founder and owner of an I.T. and software development company that licenses out its software platform to businesses across the world. In addition, Mr. Soh is also the founder and owner of business consultancy company and real estate holding company based in Singapore.

Mr. Soh has a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from the National Technological University in Singapore.

Thomas Chao

Managing Director

Mr. Chao is responsible for setting the strategy of the firm and is a member of the investment committee in deciding investment decisions. Prior to joining Stellar Partners, Mr. Chao has extensive experience in the US financial sector dealing with equity trades. He was a former banker at JP Morgan Chase and former registered representative and product manager at Apex Clearing.

Mr. Chao has a Bachelor's degree from University of Texas majoring in Economics and Finance.

David Wang


Mr. Wang is in charge of the daily operations of the firm and oversees each stage of the investment cycle. Mr. Wang has more than 8 years of management and investment experience in a large family owned conglomerate, with business ranging from manufacturing to real estate development. Mr. Wang helped the family to successfully list the manufacturing arm of the family business on the stock exchange of Hong Kong in 2009 and handled various M&A and capital raising activities. Mr. Wang also helped the chairman with the overall investment strategy of the real estate arm, including investment valuation, project planning, forecasting and budgeting.

Mr. Wang has a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia.

Chung Hang Yau


Mr. Chung Hang Yau, FCCA, CPA, is the Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of Jiashili Group Limited. Mr. Chung also serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary at CT Printing Limited. He was Company Secretary of Changchun Da Xing Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. He served as Company Secretary and Qualified Accountant of Ningbo WanHao Holdings Company Limited. He was Authorized Representative of Ningbo Yidong Electronic Co. Ltd. He also has more than 13 years of experience in the field of finance and accounting including working in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. He served as Independent Non-Executive Director of ABC Communications (Holdings) Limited.

He is an Associate Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and Hong Kong Society of Accountants (HKICPA). He is a Qualified Accountant and graduated from City University of Hong Kong with a higher diploma in Accountancy. Mr. Yau obtained the Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Bolton, UK.

Stellar has plenty of investment experience in real estate and fintech areas in UK and Southeastern Asia, and maintains a good relationship and with partners. We are now in the expansion phase and are actively looking for excellent investment opportunities in property and fintech areas.

  • Old Thorns - Redevelopment

    Stellar successful bid in July 2016

  • Putney

    Stellar successful bid in August 2016

  • Belfast

    Stellar successful bid in Oct 2016

  • Indonesia Projects

    Stellar successful bid in 2016 & 2017

MyRepublic Limited, is an internet service provider in Singapore, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

A startup focusing on improving how corporate access and analyst marketing events are organized and conducted in the capital market.

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